The Power of Suggestive Selling

As we endure everyday life, we may overlook all of the suggestive sales that we encounter daily. Supermarkets do this by way of strategic Point of Sale placements. Restaurants do this by way of suggestive selling, would you like an appetizer with your meal, can I add a salad for $3… It just goes on throughout our day and sometimes we buy, others we pass.

In our daily business we need to adopt the power of suggestive selling. For TRM we have many complimentary items that many customers may not be aware of. For our customers that solely purchase stretch film, did you know we sell a variety of tapes? And if you’re using stretch film to secure your pallets, did you know we stock various sizes of pallet covers and can custom build pallet covers too?

A great way to maximize sales for your business!

A great way to maximize sales for your business!

Suggestive selling is a common practice that many companies forget about and get complacent with sales that exist.  Try something new today.  For every call that comes in for a particular product in your company, suggest an additional item you have in stock that is complimentary to it.  I would believe you’ll add on sales by this small sales strategy that so many major corporations have adopted over time.

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