Tired of Importing and Dealing with Strikes, Delays, and Upcharges?

Recently the Dock Workers Union finally agreed to terms of their employment and began working again.  What does this mean for companies that are importing?  In the short term container shipments could take as long as 10 weeks to be offloaded.  The ships are lined up for miles off the Western Port of Long Beach.


Don’t stress over product lost at sea!  TRM Manufacturing inventories a full line of sheeting, bags, stretch film, machine wrap, tape, and many more items.  We understand you may have voids in your shelves, let TRM Manufacturing help you maintain the proper sales flow in your distribution networks.  There is something to be said about US Made and TRM Manufacturing is still a leader in that segment.  Contact one of our representatives and ask how we can help your team back fill any product you may be missing at sea.  Try it out, you may be surprised at how competitive US Manufactured is versus importing.  You may not go back after this past dock strike.

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