Flood Preparedness, are you ready?

Flood Image


In light of the floods we experienced last week, TRM Manufacturing experienced a large surge of orders for sheeting, pallet covers, and drywall bags.  Are you ready for the upcoming El Nino?  If the small amount of rain we experienced is a sign of what is to come, we have a long winter ahead of us.  Get your orders in early and stock up now so you won’t be left stranded when the rains come.

TRM Manufacturing has large production capabilities and stocks a large supply of sheeting and bags, but based on experience, we can be wiped out quickly once a disaster hits.  Check your inventory and get your orders in now so you are ready for the customers when the rain starts flowing.

Are you prepared?

California has been in a drought for many years.  They are predicting this season to bring more rain then we experienced in 1997 and those totals were around 40″ of rain.  The State has a preparedness site for you to review and know how to handle the heavy rains and flooding.  Check it out here.

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