Is it Spring?

With spring right around the corner, it’s usually a time to start freshening up. That could be with yard work, painting, or a variety of household duties and chores. TRM Manufacturing offers a full line of products to help with your Spring cleaning/freshening up. Visit any of our distributors and Read More »

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Painter’s Plastic, 100% Recycled Material

TRM is proud to launch our 100% recycled Hi Density Painter’s Plastic.  This product is a Black Tint, so you can still see through it.  The same great sheeting, just helping our planet out by recycling our HDPE scrap and turning it back into a useful product.  You can order Read More »

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Flood Preparedness, are you ready?

  In light of the floods we experienced last week, TRM Manufacturing experienced a large surge of orders for sheeting, pallet covers, and drywall bags.  Are you ready for the upcoming El Nino?  If the small amount of rain we experienced is a sign of what is to come, we Read More »

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Why Purchase TRM Sheeting?

If you have been wondering which manufacturer to purchase from, search no more. TRM Weatherall Sheeting and Covers are recognized by consumers around the nation as great quality and value.

You can purchase TRM products from many great distributors online or in store via, Home Depot, White Cap, Hub, and many many more. Please call TRM to find a distributor near you!

Here are what a few customers are saying online about our product:



We appreciate the support of our products and thank each and every customer that has supported TRM products for the many years we have been in business!

The Power of Suggestive Selling

Suggestive Selling Image

As we endure everyday life, we may overlook all of the suggestive sales that we encounter daily. Supermarkets do this by way of strategic Point of Sale placements. Restaurants do this by way of suggestive selling, would you like an appetizer with your meal, can I add a salad for Read More »

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Mulch Season is here!

  TRM Manufacturing is a major producer of Mulch and Agricultural films.  With the ability to produce Cast or Blown films, TRM is a full service manufacturer catering to our farming communities.  Located in Southern California, TRM can service the Central and Southern Valleys with quick service and delivery options. Read More »

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