TRM Products


Our California Facility is capable of producing Poly Ethylene Sheeting, bags, specialty items, shrink bundling film, converter film, and agricultural/industrial films.

Applications include Overwrap for beverage, food, medical, industrial packaging, asbestos abatement, agricultural, automotive, marine, entertainment, computer and construction practices. Also an AIB Certified facility, TRM can handle food grade requests with certainty that the job will be completed correctly and safely.

Capabilities include gauges from .00035 – .020 mil, in widths from 10 inches to 40 feet, in materials including LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE with printing in one-color on two sides or two colors on one side.

Product Styles:
Sheeting: Shrink bundling, converter grade, containment film, flame retardant, antistatic, colored, printed top sheets, centerfold, tubing, mattress and other specialty type films

Bags: Shrink bags, pallet covers, bin liners, box liners, drum liners, can liners, furniture covers, mattress covers, centerfold, drywall covers, protective covers, flat and gusseted, M-fold, centerfold, bottom seal, bailer bags, seat covers, asbestos bags, contractor bags, compactor bags, HD, High Density, Trash Liners

Specialty Items:
Air pillows, auto bags, protective pipe wrap, freezer grade, vapor barriers

Agricultural Films:
Cast embossed film, blown smooth film, greenhouse film

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